We are mainly a softwood timber merchant but we can also obtain hardwoods as well. In our Timber Mill, we can cut timber to length, plane to "finish size", rebate and even machine to certain profiles.

An example of the timber we can supply is as follows;

  • Planed Timber - Softwood that is planed with a square edge (PSE)
  • Carcase grade Timber - Softwood that is either regularised (rounded edge), sawn (rough cut) or a combination of both (sawn regularised)
  • Treated Timber - Softwood that is treated for external use that is either regularised (rounded edge) or sawn (rough cut)
  • Architrave and Skirting
  • Door Liner and Door Stop sets
  • Tongue and Groove (PTG and PTG&V) 
  • Shiplap (both treated and untreated)
  • Featheredge
  • Decking and Fencing materials
  • Mouldings

Carcase Grade Timber

Our carcase grade timber is mainly sourced from the Baltics, some of which is regularised and some just rough sawn.

It is ideal for use in building construction such as joists, studwork and roof timbers but can also be used for fencing plus much more. All timber can be crosscut to length and also cut to a smaller section if required.

Planed Timber

Our Planed Timber is sourced from Scandinavia and is used where a smooth finish is required for painting, varnishing, etc.

All timber can be cut to length and planed to "finish size" if required.

A lot of our timber is FSC accredited.

Sheet Material

We stock many types of sheet material which are available in 2440 x 1220 but some can be either be 3050 x 1220 and 3050 x 1525.

Stock Range

  • MDF - 2mm, 3mm, 3mm (white), 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm
  • Hardboard - 3mm
  • Softwood Ply - 9mm, 12mm, 18mm
  • Hardwood Ply - 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm
  • Birch Ply - 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm
  • Chipboard - 12mm, 18mm
  • Sterling Board (OSB) - 11mm, 18mm
  • Mesh Ply - 12mm
  • Pegboard - 3mm

All the above boards can be cut to size and delivered if required.

Furniture (melamine) Board

  • White - 1830mm and 2440mm lengths - 150mm, 230mm, 305mm, 380mm, 457mm, 535mm, 610mm widths
  • Beech - 2440mm length - 150mm, 230mm, 305mm, 380mm, 457mm, 535mm, 610mm widths
  • Maple - 2440mm length - 150mm, 230mm, 305mm, 380mm, 457mm, 535mm, 610mm widths
  • Dark Walnut - 2440mm length - 150mm, 230mm, 305mm widths
  • Magnolia - 2440mm length - 150mm, 230mm, 305mm widths

Other finishes of Furniture Board are available to order.

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We stock an extensive range of softwood and medium density fibrewood (MDF) mouldings from Quadrant to window boards. Some are available in 2.4m lengths but skirting boards, window boards, architraves, door stops, tongue and grooves and MDF mouldings are varying lengths.

Don’t forget that we can cut to length and arrange delivery if required.

List of mouldings, includes:

  • Skirting board
  • Architrave
  • Door Liner
  • Door Stop
  • Tongue & Groove
  • Quadrant
  • Scotia
  • Glass Bead
  • Dado Rail
  • Half Round
  • D-Shape
  • Plus many, many, more

Treated Timber

We can also stock a large supply of exterior treated timber. Examples include;

  • Fence Posts (75mm x 75mm in 1.8mtr and 2.4mtr; 75mm x 100mm in 2.4mtr; and 100mm x 100mm in 1.8mtr, 2.4mtr, 2.7mtr and 3.0mtr)
  • Gate Posts
  • Gravel Boards (25mm x 150mm treated timber in 1.8mtr, 2.4mtr, 3.0mtr, 3.6mtr and 4.8mtr lengths)
  • Cant Rails (3.0mtr)
  • Featheredge Boards (125mm wide and 175mm wide)
  • Picket Slats
  • Picket Rails
  • Sawn Treated Timber (Varying sizes and lengths, see below)
  • Regularised Carcase Treated Timber (Varying sizes and lengths, see below)
  • Shiplap (16mm x 125mm and 19mm x 125mm)*
  • Loglap (22mm x 100mm)*

*Please note that some sizes are Nominal, which implies that the size shown is before the timber is machined to the profile required, and will likely finish smaller.