Ogee Architrave Set 5.1m ex 25mm x 63mm Mitred


One 0.9m & Two 2.1m Lengths ex 25 X 63MM

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Ogee Architrave Mitred Set 5.1m ex 25mm x 63mm consisting of one 0.9m and two 2.1m lengths. This mitred set has one 45° on each on the 2.1m legs and one 45° on the 0.9m head, meaning only three more cuts are needed allowing them to fit.
Our softwood architrave is machined from Scandinavian redwood and is available in Chamfered and Rounded, Ogee, Torus and Ovolo profiles.
Matching skirting board is also available
Please note that all architrave sizes are “Nominal” which means that the “Finished” size is slightly less than stated.
Delivery service available within a 15 mile radius of Spalding

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